How to choose underwear in summer

In summer, because women wear clothes in summer are usually relatively thin and transparent, therefore, the woman's good partner - the role of underwear is particularly prominent. So how to choose a good summer underwear? Let Jin Sha underwear teach you the trick!

A: no trace

This summer women's underwear a prominent trend is the "seamless" seamless underwear generally adopts integral die cutting and seamless cups, all the details are covered, the whole underwear can not see any traces of the sewing needle. The majority of seamless underwear on the color is also more close to the color of the skin, even if the outside of the clothes are particularly tight or special light, also can not detect the existence of underwear, people feel like heaven.

This underwear cup with the edges mark gossamer fabric cross design, sexy, comfortable, more inclusive, gather good fullness, can also achieve the effect of semi bra.

Two: thin

Due to the amount of sweat in the summer to increase the body, those with thick liner underwear is not so suitable, so the summer of the selection of underwear are thin, select the use of thin natural fiber design. Because of natural fibers, this kind of underwear is more breathable suction sweat, summer wear is also more comfortable.

Add a cup of low edge with heart-shaped draping design, seamless fabric gossamer dress beautiful, comfortable, close, better breast package.

Three: lace dream

Lace has always been one of the indispensable elements of women's underwear, this summer with lace to reflect the gorgeous sense of underwear. Whether it is printed, or cut flowers, lace underwear does not make people feel vulgar or exposed, but let people feel a sweet and graceful feeling of luxury, besides can let your chest more attractive, graceful curve.

This kind of cup noodles by Korean high-end color stereo lace cup using bamboo antibacterial breathing organic cotton fabric, the release of the romantic atmosphere of health from the inside to the outside.

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