Seamless underwear and underwear with different strengths

Knitted garment seam underwear is the traditional, mainly uses the circular knitting machine knitting cloth, only after the cut pieces sewn into clothing, sewing process is similar to the common woven cloth. It is on both sides of seam, seam, wear long will feel uncomfortable, or skin stitched Le traces; furthermore, the elasticity is not good, not close, wear long may become large.

Seamless knitted garment refers to the use of special small round machine with weft way, according to the pre designed computer program, a woven tubular piece (no side seam), then garment dyeing and fixation, simple suture after cutting, then made garments.

1, because it has no side seam broken, weft fiber weaving technology of continuous making garment with super elastic stretch, with far more than clothing;

2, in order to meet the needs of different functional and aesthetic design, a variety of organizational structures can be woven on a piece of clothing, and the organization and organization between the cohesion and excessive, seamless connection,

3, you can use a variety of fiber mixed fabrics, especially the advantages of elastic fiber and other fiber not only embodies the perfect combination of fiber and is comfortable and beautiful, durable resistant to wash, easy to take care of the use function of shape invariant.

4, so the seamless process is particularly suitable for knitting underwear and sportswear to wear, very considerate and comfortable, no oppression and discomfort!

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