International Sewing Equipment Exhibition in Yiwu for 13 years, enhance the competitiveness of seaml

This is a professional machinery exhibition, there is no other noisy additional activities, there is no luxury pomp, but for 13 consecutive years, Yiwu has a special liking. Zhejiang Province as one of the ten major brand exhibition Chinese (Yiwu) International socks, knitting, dyeing and finishing machinery exhibition and China (Yiwu) International Sewing machinery and accessories exhibition (referred to as the International Sewing Equipment Exhibition), the dominant party is Adsale Exhibition company. The exhibition will be held from November 27th to 30 in Zhejiang International Expo Center, Yiwu. At present, the exhibition has been successfully held for 12 sessions, become socks, knitting, underwear and clothing machinery and equipment industry, new technology, new technology and economic development barometer barometer. It is reported that the exhibition area is expected to reach 15000 square meters, more than 300 exhibitors from more than 11 countries and regions to confirm attendance.

Accelerated internationalization of textile equipment

Yiwu seamless underwear industry in the promotion of competitiveness

Yiwu seamless underwear factory production of 150 million sets each year, focusing on the seamless weaving company of the year, the annual output value of more than $3 billion during the peak of the year more than 1 thousand and 400.

According to insiders, the main supplier of Yiwu hosiery machine from Europe and the United States and South Korea, while the domestic number accounted for only 1/3. Under the impetus of the comprehensive reform of international trade, Yiwu seamless weaving industry has accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrading. Yiwu seamless weaving industry association responsible person given the data is that in 2009 the city's seamless production equipment is about 40 thousand units, and this year is more than 60 thousand units.

In addition, the pace of internationalization of textile equipment is also seen in the previous Yiwu International Sewing equipment exhibition. Participated in the exhibition for many years, an agent in Italy had said that every year, Yiwu merchants from their hands on imported equipment on more than a few thousand units. In March 22nd of this year, - Boni Jie, Wan Yu, rod, extraordinary, Yi Yi Ting Lu Tong 6 leading enterprises in Yiwu seamless underwear industry, with the establishment of group company, to jointly participate in international competition, by the signal industry as Yiwu seamless weaving industry resource integration, accelerate the pace of internationalization.

Exhibition organizers responsible person said, Yiwu is currently the largest domestic seamless underwear production base, accounting for 80% of the world, domestic loom loom 1/5 equipment market, with the adjustment of industrial structure and the transformation and upgrading of the in-depth, in urgent need of a peer and understand the world recognize their own opportunities, the International Sewing equipment exhibition will be to play a greater role.

To adjust the structure of professional business forum to release the "touch"

According to the Secretary General of the Yiwu seamless weaving industry association Xu Ning said, seamless weaving equipment in China's apparel industry market share continues to grow. It is understood that the application of China seamless weaving equipment, mostly imported from Italy Ronaldo group under the "SANTONI", "SANGIACOMO" brand of seamless underwear knitting machine.

The chairman of the Yiwu seamless weaving industry association Tao Jianwei said, Yiwu seamless underwear production enterprises is large, but 99% of the enterprises for OEM processing, for domestic well-known enterprises of seamless underwear brand OEM production, product quality is low, the lack of high value-added. To this end, the general manager of Adsale Exhibition Company Zhong Zhixian told reporters that the domestic textile industry has entered a period of structural adjustment, equipment manufacturers will get more opportunities in the adjustment of the core value, which is the International Sewing equipment exhibition.

China's textile industry to integrate into the globalization, the enterprise will have higher requirements, the brand, the overall level of technical equipment, textile processing technology, product development and innovation capacity is an integral part of. Watch the current hot spots and development needs of the industry, this year, the International Sewing equipment exhibition will be held over the same period a number of activities, including design, brand and technology combined with the needs of the market forum. Has confirmed that the forum "China underwear future market development forum", "2013-2014 underwear design & fashion trends Forum", "China brand management seminar, there will be a number of industry experts to lecture for the participants in-depth interpretation and communication.

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